Core Directions: Functional ENT Surgery and Plastic Surgery.

Why choose treatment by Ivan Grynko:

  • During performing of surgical operations, modern equipment of leading world producers is used.
  • All surgical interventions are carried out according to the latest European standards.
  • Due to the use of unique endoscopic equipment that is available not in every clinic in the country (STRYKER shaver equipment, ZEISS surgical microscope, Arthrocare ENT Coblator), the doctor performs a surgery using ultramodern techniques.
  • Individual approach to each patient; a detailed study of the problem and patient’s wishes; the choice of better ways to achieve the desired result.
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Professional Assistance
of Otolaryngologist Surgeon

An E.N.T. Specialist or an otolaryngologist is a doctor, who diagnoses and treats diseases of the ENT organs. Namely, the diseases of a throat, ears, a pharynx, and a nose. Such diseases as polyps, tonsillitis, otitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, maxillary sinusitis etc. can be included to the list of the above diseases and are quite common. When treating ENT pathologies, patients will need the help of an ENT specialist and a surgeon. Therefore, in order to avoid complications, immediately consult an otolaryngologist when first symptoms of the disease appear.

An otolaryngologist surgeon performs surgeries with inflammatory diseases of ENT organs, functional ENT surgery, and facial plastic surgery. The surgeon's key specialization is ear surgery (tympanoplasty, stapedoplasty) in the nose (septoplasty, polypotomy, adenotomy), tonsillectomy, facial plastic surgery (rhinoplasty, otoplasty, blepharoplasty, etc.).

Three Signs You Should Go to the Doctor:

  • Difficulty Breathing through Nose, snoring;
  • Ear Discharge & Hearing Loss;
  • Frequent Sore Throat, Tonsillitis.

The Surgeon, Otolaryngologist conducts endoscopic diagnostics and plastic surgeries of any complexity. Surgical manipulations are carried out under anesthesia, endoscopic or microscopic equipment, coblator, surgical shaver systems, laser, microinstrument and modern surgical techniques to achieve the best results.

At the doctor's office

The procedure of examining of a patient by an otolaryngologist is safe, painless and is carried out by modern diagnostic equipment (if needed). At the doctor's office, an otolaryngologist receives information from a patient about his/her hereditary diseases, allergic reactions and the onset of the disease.

Due to modern approaches in medicine and the use of minimally invasive techniques, we shorten the patient’s period of rehabilitation and provide assistance in frame of one-day surgery

The medical clinic is equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment of leading world brands (Zeiss, Karl Storz, Stryker, Athrocare). The ENT Surgeon is highly qualified, has extensive experience in the treatment and prevention of ENT diseases. To make an appointment to get the Surgeon's consultation is possible on the specified phones or on-line.

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Гринько Иван Игоревич, the Хирург отолоринголог