Injection Сosmetology

Инъекционная косметология

The methods of injection cosmetology are very popular today. This is a minimally invasive and painless way to qualitatively rejuvenate your face, dispose of wrinkles, and skin defects. Due to its affэordable price and quick results injection cosmetology has got lots of fans. Injection cosmetology is based on the introduction of various drugs into the skin - fillers. Most often for aesthetic purposes are used botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Most Popular Injection Procedures:

  1. The imposition of botulinum toxin is an injection method of relaxation of facial muscles. Modern injection cosmetology is aimed at preventing age-related changes in the facial skin. That is why relaxation of mimic muscles prevents wrinkles.
  2. The injection method of face contouring plasty is an imposition into the skin the fillers. These are individually selected drugs that are put into the skin for supplementation the missing volume on the face. Using such injections it is possible to change significantly and improve the shape of the face. It is important to use a high-quality drug which will impact  for six months.
  3. The plasmolifting is a series of beauty shots using your own blood plasma. For this procedure a patient must give blood from the radial vein to be centrifuged for separating the platelet mass. The imposition of own platelets provides a persistent pull-up, anti-inflammatory and smoothing effect.
  4. The biorevitalization of the skin is a qualitative and quick way to get rid of fine wrinkles, pigmentation and dry skin. The procedure is an injection under the skin of hyaluronic acid.
  5. The mesotherapy is an innovative technique in cosmetology, which provides a series of shots with the imposition of vitamins and enzymes. Sometimes to achieve a rejuvenating effect into the skin a qualitative herbal extract or hormones are to be imposed.


    There is no rehabilitation period. You can immediately return to your daily routine after a qualitative therapy. The key to success of rejuvenation is the qualitative material and a professional level of the beautician. Do not hesitate to ask the beautician for documents, which could confirm his qualifications and certificates for drugs.

    • The advantages of modern injection cosmetology are:
    • Qualitative preparations of beauty shots are biocompatible. The allergic reactions from their imposition are minimal.
    • The injections are produced by a microneedle, which reduces the risk of skin trauma, nicks and bruises.
    • The effect of these procedures is immediately visible. Within a few days, the skin will look relatively better.