Bulhorn (Cheiloplasty)

Bullhorn is a surgical upper lip plasty, aimed at changing its shape. The name of the procedure is translated as "bull horns": the fact is that a small strip of skin resembling a horn with its shape is excised for the plasty realization.

Indications for Bullhorn Labiaplasty

  • Upper lip excessive fineness;
  • Upper lip insufficient volume;
  • Upper lip dermal part elongation;
  • Age-related thinning;
  • Ptosis;
  • Lips asymmetry;
  • Injuries consequences;
  • Some other individual face features.

How is Bullhorn Labial Plastics Conducted?

Preliminary examination of the patient is scheduled prior to the surgical intervention. Some tests can be scheduled also to confirm the absence of contraindications.

It should be noted that this kind of cheiloplasty is not performed in cases of:

  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy or lactation;
  • propensity to form hypertrophic or keloid scars;
  • clotting problems;
  • exacerbation of herpes, as well as of any chronic diseases.

In addition, the procedure is not recommended for patients whose upper lip is too short. It is also undesirable for the owners of a turned-up nose, since the scar can be visible pretty strongly in their case.

The procedure can be performed under both general and local anesthesia. It lasts no more than an hour and there are no difficulties for an experienced specialist. During it, a small strip of skin is being excised, soft tissues are fixed, and then the edges of the incision are sewn. As a result, the skin over the upper lip is shortened, the red border slightly rises and turns out. Thus, the visual effect of a small rejuvenation, as well as lifting and lip augmentation is achieved: the bullhorn makes the upper lip wider and plump.

Bullhorn: Rehabilitation

The recovery period after the surgery is about 14 days. Rehabilitation does not cause considerable discomfort to the patient; however, edema and small bruises may occur during it. In addition, there is some inconvenience in the area of ​​exposure. Sutures need to be removed after 7-8 days, but until this time, there is no necessity to stay in hospital: the patient can return home a couple of hours after the bullhorn lip lift.

The upper lip will acquire its final form in six months, but the initial result will be visible immediately.

It is desirable to avoid intense lip movements within 2-3 days after the procedure.