Vasotomy of the inferior turbinates

Vasotomy - what is it and who needs to have such an operation?

Vasotomy - what is it and who needs to have such an operation?

Difficulty breathing and long-term dependence on vasoconstrictor drops are one of the most frequent complaints of patients with otolaryngologists. And if conservative methods of treatment do not work, a vasotomy of the inferior turbinates may be indicated.

Vasotomy is a partial destruction of altered vascular structures located in the nasal cavity in order to establish normal breathing.

Indications for surgery
    • Hypertrophy of the mucous membrane associated with persistent rhinitis.
    • Dependence on the consumption of vasoconstrictor drops as a result of their prolonged and uncontrolled use.
    • Deflection of the nasal septum, which prevents the normal patency of the sinuses in combination with hypertrophy of the turbinates.
    • Epithelial hyperplasia.
    • Adhesions in the nose.
    • Vasomotor rhinitis.

Types of vasotomy

    1. Instrumental vasotomy is a classic method in which excess vessels in the thickness of the turbinate are destroyed along its entire length.
    2. Laser vasotomy - removal of hypertrophied areas of the mucous membrane using a laser. This method is distinguished by its low injury rate and the absence of large blood loss.
    3. Radio wave vasotomy - excision of the mucous membrane using radio waves, which simultaneously "seal" the vessels. As a result, the operation takes place with virtually no blood loss.
    4. Ultrasonic vasotomy - removal of affected areas of the nasal mucosa using ultrasound. During the operation, the affected vessels are glued together and removed. This type of operation is used only in milder cases, since ultrasound can remove only a small layer of mucous membrane.
    5. Coblation is an operation that is performed using a coblator. This is an instrument, from the tip of which cold plasma comes out, destroying the molecular bonds of the affected vessels. At the same time, the invasiveness of the intervention and blood loss are practically zero.
    6. Cryodestruction is a well-known method of “burning” with liquid nitrogen. Affected cells are destroyed due to the influence of low temperature and the effect of capillary thrombosis.

How is the operation performed?

Vasotomy is an operation that requires local anesthesia.

During its execution, the surgeon crosses the vessels leading to the nasal mucosa. The entire procedure lasts up to 15 minutes, unless combined with other interventions to improve nasal breathing.

Preoperative examination

Before the patient is admitted to the hospital, he needs to undergo a series of laboratory tests and functional tests.

Mandatory examination includes:
    • General blood analysis.
    • Biochemistry of blood.
    • Coagulogram - blood clotting analysis.
    • General urine analysis.
    • Analysis for blood group and Rh factor.
    • Chest fluorography.
    • Electrocardiography.

If necessary, the list of tests can be expanded by the attending physician.

Before the surgery, it is necessary to:
    • refuse the use of alcohol and smoking;
    • refuse the use of heavy food, while the last meal should be at least 6 hours before the operation (low-fat broth, meat or fish, fruits and vegetables) in case of general anesthesia and 4 hours if local anesthesia is used;
    • not drink 4 hours before surgery.

Hospital checklist:
    • comfortable clothes (tracksuit, T-shirts made of natural fabric, changeable underwear);
    • comfortable shoes;
    • slippers;
    • personal hygiene products;
    • a book or a laptop, since after the operation you will have to spend another 1-2 days in the hospital.

Note! It is better to give valuable things to relatives during the operation or to warn medical personnel about them.

Postoperative period

Discharge of the patient after vasotomy is possible on the day of the operation.

Further recovery will take place at home, so it is important to follow all the doctor's recommendations.

What is recommended:
    • to take a slightly warm shower;
    • to walk outside;
    • eat warm food.

What is prohibited:
    • to take a hot bath;
    • to do sports for 14 days;
    • to consume hot food and drinks;

What result can be expected from a vasotomy?

Vasotomy with vasomotor rhinitis allows you to get rid of persistent rhinitis and dependence on vasoconstrictor drops in one procedure. As a result, the patient receives full nasal breathing and excellent health.

Vasotomy for allergic rhinitis should be carried out together with treatment by an allergist to identify and eliminate the causes of allergic rhinitis. In this case, an integrated approach will be the best solution to the problem.

Vasotomy: price in Kiev

The cost of the operation depends on many factors: the complexity of the case, the presence of concomitant diseases, indications for other interventions. To determine the exact price, consultation and examination by an otolaryngologist are required.