Ear Microsurgery

The chronic inflammatory processes of the ear are the main cause of hearing loss today. Acute pathological conditions with the formation of a large amount of purulent discharge can damage the auditory nerve.

These issues can be solved using the techniques of the ear microsurgery. Hearing impairments significantly reduce the quality of patients’ life.

The risk of developing such a serious complication as meningitis and even sepsis is great with purulent-inflammatory processes in the inner ear.

  • The surgical treatment is indispensable with such diseases:
  • otosclerosis is a mobility limitation  of the auditory bone due to a prolonged inflammatory process in the ear.
  • The microsurgery of the ear will help to restore the bone to its physiological state;
  • exostosis is a proliferation of the bone tissue in the region of the external auditory canal, which leads to its narrowing;
  • exudative otitis is an accumulation of fluid in the auditory tube. If anti-inflammatory therapy is ineffective is necessary to use a microsurgery;
  • the operation is also necessary when adhesions are found in the tympanum. The affected ear is not capable of adequate sound reproduction;
  • ephymezotimpanitus is a a dangerous condition of rapidly deteriorate of the bone tissue and surrounding tissues. The condition requires immediate surgical intervention;
  • perforation of the tymphanic membrane is a traumatic damage, which requires treatment with the use of microsurgery techniques.

Ear Microsurgery preparation

It is needed to carefully examine the entire organism before an appointment of the operation. It is necessary to consult with an otolaryngologist, who will examine the ear and form a treatment plan. There is a computer tomography among the necessary hardware procedures. It will help to analyze the situation in the tympanum. Laboratory tests are an important diagnostic criterion. An extensive blood test will help to track the organism reactions to homeostatic disorders in a qualitative and timely manner. It can be done in large clinics of otolaryngology, which are located in the regional centers of Ukraine - Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, etc.

  1. Ear Microsurgery basic principles:
  2. Minimal trepanation cavity is an organ-preserving technique to reduce the risk of complications.
  3. Drainage of the abscess in a closed way is an atraumatic microsurgery.
  4. The plasty of the damaged area with local tissues increases the chance for a quick and qualitative recovery.
  5. Replacement of the demineralized bone grafts with your own bone (if possible). This technique ensures a high survival rate of the autograft and the success of the operation.
  6. Microsurgery is used for clear indications with individual selection of the method and all materials, depending on the specific clinical case.’

Microsurgery of the ear is a modern and effective technology that allows patients of clinics in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine to receive qualitative treatment.

The rehabilitation period after such intervention is about 7-10 days.